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10 di tambunan - Google Blog Search

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10 di tambunan - Google Blog Search

it's nGiau's thought: New Baby.

Posted: 20 Feb 2012 10:06 PM PST

          hye you can see i just bought new toy camera. it's pretty right? the price is RM48 and i got free expired film from the dealer. from yesterday, i already took 6 pictures and i really can't wait for the results. hehe. yeah, i know, i'm wasting so much money lately but i just love them. hehe.

          and now, i can't wait for my new film. this time i will using slide film and of course i'm so nervous about it. huhu. silde film is so expensive and i promise to my self that i will always take picture wisely. tida mau sudah kasi bazir-bazir. :B

             after this my next target is Fisheye One hello kitty ;) i hope i can get it this month or next month. how i wish i have lots of money right now.


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