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Posted: 19 Jun 2013 05:52 AM PDT

Title in English: The Three Cats of Sandakan
I decided to combine the best of both worlds (or, memes) in this post. The above pictures are for Wordless Wednesday. This week for Wondrous Words Wednesday (below), I attempted to write in Italian so all my three words came from my own simple composition:
Questi sono i tre gatti che ho trovato a Sandakan in viaggio il mese scorso. I primi due erano a Agnes Keith House. Ho visto il terzo gatto quando sono quasi arrivato al tempio di cinese.

In English: These are the three cats I found in Sandakan when traveling last month. The first two were at the Agnes Keith House. I saw the third cat when I almost arrived at the Chinese temple.
  1. trovare – to find (in the past tense, trovare becomes trovato)
  2. scorso – last, past
  3. tempio –temple 

 How do you like these words? Please share yours too!

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