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A dreamer&#39;s muse: merdeka <b>di tawau</b>

Posted: 03 Sep 2013 01:33 AM PDT

Normally on every August 31st, I would be glued to the TV for almost the whole morning, watching the live telecast of the Merdeka Day parade in KL. It's a must because it's a very important day in the country's history and I looove parades. Last year, I made it to Dataran Merdeka on the day itself for my first time experience of the live event (and I've blogged about it in here). This year, I just stayed home in my base and decided to see how the Tawauians celebrate this M-Day.
Unfortunately I arrived an hour late, and the parade has just finished  :( . So I stayed on to see what was in store for the rest. The location, the square in front of Majlis Perbandaran Tawau, where in any other day is just a big parking space. I wondered why they didn't do this in the big Tawau Sports Complex.
As in any M-Day celebration, there are always .....

uniformed and security agencies ...

Another thing I enjoyed other than parades and marches is military tattoo. The following photos are some of the silent march tattoo from the navy youngsters. It was a small scale one but still entertaining.
Ok, that's it for my M-Day report from Tawau. Wondering where will I be next year, in shaa Allah if I am still around .... Perhaps I should see in other places. Till then. To my country I wish you Happy 56th year of independence.

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