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OutSyed The Box: Muslihat <b>Di Lahad Datu</b> : More To Come?

Posted: 25 Feb 2013 01:33 AM PST

Here is The Star on the Lahad Datu standoff :
  • TANJUNG LABIAN : Sabah Police refuted reports two gunmen with Sulu group in Tanduo were shot Monday.
  • talk rife of shooting in Tanduo but Malaysian security forces have denied it.
  • TANJUNG LABIAN : end to drama in 72 hours.
  • Malaysian forces holding their ground less than 500m from group 
  • Philippines ship expected Mon to evacuate civilians & five women in group of 180
  • sign that Azzimudie Kiram is prepared to leave the village.
  • vessel arrived in Bongao, Tawi-Tawi midnight Sunday, stand by off Lahad Datu 
  • M'sian authorities negotiate thru emissaries, Manila talks with Sultan Jamalul Kiram.
  • Manila using Esmail, brother of Jamalul, to convince group to return 
  • The Sulu group, with 30 gunmen, has run out of food supplies 
  • total blockade enforced on land and sea.
  • dissent in the group, several of Azimmudie's followers wanting to return 
OK lets read the fine print.  There is a ship that has arrived from the Phillipines to evacuate some of these people back to the Southern Phillipines. But to evacuate only the civilians and the five women. What about the remaining gunmen? The number of gunmen varies from 30 to 180.  Are the gunmen staying put?
Even 30 gunmen is one too many - considering the type of firepower that they may have. The pictures on the Internet of these folks (in the Phillipines) show them holding assault rifles and grenade launchers.  
Our boys are in harm's way.   It will also be unfortunate if our boys have to open fire. They are more heavily armed.  So lets please be careful.
The other danger is the group will not budge from Lahad Datu if they suspect that the Phillipines takes them away on that ship and then throws them in jail or prosecutes them.  They will fight. That will really spoil the party. So watch out for party poopers.
This group has certainly broken about two dozen different Malaysian and Phillippine laws.  N'theless the situation has to be handled carefully. So far they have not harmed anyone.  Perhaps everyone can bear that in mind.
The issue now is Sultan Jamalul Kiram of the Sulu is losing a lot of face.  He is beginning to look really stupid.  He will lose a lot more face if his followers have to go back with their tail between their legs.  And his followers are also feeling "stupid" because they are not getting anything for their little excursion.  This is where the danger lies. The Sultan can ask them to do something silly - to save his own face.
I doubt Pizza Hut delivers in Lahad Datu but if someone can arrange to hand them some goody bags  (maybe 'Visit Melaka 2012' souvenirs & T shirts) plus some duit tambang and kretek cigarettes - it may hasten their departure.  The trick is give them the goody bags only when they are aboard that ship.  The Sultan will need a goodie bag too.  Is there a Pizza Hut in Tawi-Tawi?
This thing has already cost us millions of Ringgit I am sure. The cost of the fuel our Navy and Maritim ships are burning in Lahad Datu alone would have already run into millions.  So lets take the least cost and safest option - with no bloodshed - to solve this problem. 
Imagine shooting them or arresting them - it will cost us more millions of Ringgit to investigate, prosecute and jail these people - for years and years in our jails. We will have to feed them too. Lets just give them the goody bags.  Silly as this suggestion may sound but this thing has happened. We did not ask for this to happen. Now we have to deal with it.
And lets keep a closer eye on things from now on shall we?  
Congratulations are already due to our Police, Navy, Maritim, Army and Air Force boys for handling things so well up to now.  They have shown plenty of patience and good discipline.
Here is the other side to the story. Some really bad folks are hoping that our boys will shoot these people. If that happens it will make our Sulu and other Muslim brothers in Sabah very angry with the BN Government.  They may vote the other way.  There is a smelly udang di sebalik batu here.
And as we get closer to the elections, lets be vigilant for more surprises. With so many poor people in the Phillippines, South Thailand and Indonesia it will not cost too much for these bad people to engineer things like this.  Dont take this lightly ok.

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