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10 di penampang - Google Blog Search

Z-o-o-m!: Nurul is <b>Penampang</b> Sabah Idol

Posted: 29 Oct 2012 10:31 PM PDT

TWENTY wannabe singers sweated it out at the Buhavan Square Donggongon last weekend to fight for the right to represent Penampang district at the Grand Final of Sabah Idol 2012 scheduled to be held in Kota Kinabalu in December.

After three gruelling hours of voice battle, 18 year old student Nurul Adha Binti Zulkefli was the judges unanimous choice for the top prize.

In her second attempt at the Sabah Idol series, the tall lass wooed the packed crowd and the judges with her graceful but powerful rendition of Indonesian singer's "Mama Aku Ingin Pulang".
Second place went to 27 years old Muhamad Delik, a Bajau/Kadazan who sang a flawless rendition of Jamal Abdillah's "Derita Cinta".

He brought home RM500 a trophy and a certificate. Fauzi Manap, 32 a veteran in singing competition came in third.

He sang Anuar Zain's "Kaulah Segalanya" and won RM300 a trophy and certificate.

4th place winner was 28 year old Hotelier Azrin Bin Azni who sang a Hafiz AF7's "Awan Nano".

The still single housekeeping supervisor of Le Meridien Hotel stole the hearts of many in the crowd with his suave matinee-idol looks.

5th place went to Jona Sonny Saimin who sang a heart wrenching song about the hardship her father had gone through to keep the family afloat dramatized by an actor toiling in the paddy field. She also won the Best Showmanship award bringing home a total of RM200, a trophy and a certificate.

Best Costume award was won by Helena Jerry also in her second attempt. Most Popular went to Nur Zawani Binti Aminudin greeted by loud applause by her numerous supporters who carried banners and placards to display their support for her. Most Creative award went to a unique performer Fazir Bin Mohd Karim @ Marimar who sang a medley of Datuk Siti Nurhalizah hits.

Accompanied by 3 exotic masked dancers she wowed the crowd with her brilliant stage creativity including burning her stage name alias "Marimar" on stage much to the delight of the audience.

Singer Peter Dicky Lee, Organizer and MD of Borneo Events Production said "The standard is getting better and better from one district to another. The bar has been raised higher and higher. I'm really proud to see so many amazing talents in Sabah" said Peter.

Guest of Honour Datuk John Ambrose, Head of Penampang UMNO was also visibly impressed with the high standards shown by the contestants so much so that he immediately announced that he would sponsor again next year's Sabah Idol Penampang selection. His announcement was met with thunderous applause from both contestants and crowd alike.

The event was organized by Borneo Events Production with the collaboration of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Sabah. Next top is Labuan at the Financial Park 9th November audition, final 11th November. After that the series will move to Beaufort date 24th and 25th and finally Tambunan (date to be confirmed).

For more info contact 013-8651998.

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