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WikiSabah News: How good, SAMUR Project for <b>Sipitang</b> people?

Posted: 21 Mar 2012 01:52 AM PDT

By Haji Amde Sidik

All nice things have been said about the RM4.6million SAMUR (Sabah Ammonia Urea) plant project in Sipitang, which its ground breaking was done by the Prime Minister last month (13/02/2012)

The project is said to be good for Sipitang people.

According to BERNAMA report, SAMUR once fully operational is expected to provide 400 jobs.

It would create economic impact to Sipitang such as agriculture, hotel and catering, plant maintenance and transportations and therefore provide employment for Sipitang community, said General Manager of PETRONAS Regional Office, Labuan, Joseph Podtung

Podtung didn't elaborate how and what extent of activities that would impact on the agriculture, what will transpire and the like.

My question, why is it a project with such magnitude RM4.6 billion could only provide 400 jobs?

I can only imagine this is very specialised industry in nature, and therefore only need specialised workers, if that is the case, I think Sipitang people isn't the ultimate beneficiary.

Next how much influence are our YBs in ensuring that people of Sipitang be accommodated into this project,which I'm pretty sure once this project is fully operational, they couldn't even come nearer to the premises.

We are yet to get the information of the other side of the story of ammonia urea if any.  So far we only knew from reading from other countries that have experienced with ammonia urea, a colourless gas with pungent odour, both caustic and hazardous to health. This could be an issue in the future, which it should be explained to people of today.

Hj Amde Sidik is Deputy President of Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP)

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