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Penduduk Tambanuo <b>di</b> Kampung Minusuh, <b>Kinabatangan</b> kecewa

Posted: 01 Mar 2012 05:59 AM PST

Wilster Lawrance, said that his kampung and seven others here are left far behind without good roads, electricity and still do not have clean water supply even though pipes were finally installed about six months ago.
According to State Reform Party (STAR) leader, James Ait, who visited the kampungs last week, even Lawrance the pengerusi JKKK seemed to have given up hope on the government, and that he was under extreme pressure to defend the ruling government.
"In my two-hour discussion with Lawrance on the well being of the Tambanuo people in the areas, he told me his own frustration for not being able to compel the government to resolve various development issues and also land-related matters.
"The chairman confided in me that he was very disappointed at the poor situation in his areas, furthermore he being the Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) senior leader was asked to look after, besides Minusuh, seven other kampungs namely Minusuh, Namukon, Maliau, Tampasak, Liupampang, Mananam and Napagang," Ait said in a statement today.
According to Ait, while it is a pleasant news for him that many in the areas are now turning to STAR for guidance and leadership, he was sympathetic to Lawrance who was being deserted by the ordinary orang kampung.
Kuamut is one of the areas in Sabah where land-grabs had been reported and that many natives are already being displaced by big palm oil plantations. Kinabatangan itself is notorious for the fact that illegal immigrants now outnumber the locals.
Ait said some of the land applications of the Tambanuo's had been lodged for 20 years but they never got answer. However outsiders and companies are allotted huge lands for palm oil plantation everywhere in Kinabatangan which is as big as the whole state of Pahang in Peninsular.
"The Tambanuo youths are restless now, there are no jobs, no opportunities for them... They do not enjoy the fruit of their grandparents' labour. This is pathetic." said Ait.
Ait quoted Lawrance who said: "I do not blame the people if they support the opposition this time. What i want from the state government is come over here and listen to us and do something for our kampungs and the natives before it is too late".

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