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A Paint of Life..: Weekend At <b>Kudat</b> 15-17 July 2011

Posted: 19 Jul 2011 12:47 AM PDT

I was in Kudat last weekend 15-17 July. In fact i was there for about a week.

 There were many events held in Kudat last weekend. Just to share with you what was happening in Kudat last weekend.

  • The Coconut Feast 2011 which was held in heart of Kudat 
  • Music Festival 2011 at Simpang Mengayau and 
  • The celebration of Sr Brigid Mary Golden Jubilee as well as the 75th Founding anniversary for Franciscan sisters which was held at St Peter Catholic Church, Kudat.
Okay, it is always best to let photos do the talking.. :)

Coconut Feast 2011

At "1 Malaysia Coconuts" hehe..
The game ialah teka berapa bnyk kelapa dlm tu cage.

The stage..
Can you see itu kelapa punya bnyk kena susun dekat stage..

Kelapa punya statue..
Time ada pesta kelapa ja baru ada ni statue

Salah satu game di Pesta Kelapa..tarik tali.. 
Kuat2 ni wanita..hehe

Yang ni pula contestants lelaki for tarik tali.. 
tagap2 dan basar2 semua hehe..

Me with the penari-penari dlm pakaian tradisional rungus. 

Comel-comel kan.. :)

Dragon Boat Race..  
Salah satu permainan for the pesta kelapa..

Voice of Asia. Performers from around Asia.. 

Orchestra performance..

Sr Brigid Golden Jubilee Celebration and
75th Anniversary of Franciscan Sister

at left, Sr Brigid Mary yg suda 50 years jadi Franciscan sister (Golden Jubilee)

Semua sister ramai-ramai nyanyi and potong kek..

 Okay, that is all for now. 

See you at next post for another story..

Perhaps a story about my preparation for delivery.. hmm..;P

See you again. Have a blessed weekdays. :D

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