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10 di keningau - Google Blog Search

Mark The Hercules: SAGA V <b>di Keningau</b>, Sabah 6-11 JUN 2011

Posted: 06 Jun 2011 01:06 PM PDT

Since it holds the nature of sports participation among young Malaysians today, Sabah has never fallen behind for producing the best sportsmanships. This state has this mantra tournament which it means it is grandeur.

SAGA I & II were held in Kota Kinabalu (2003 & 2005). SAGA III was held in 2007 in Tawau, and the following two years, SAGA IV was held in Sandakan.

This time, ladies and gentlemen, KENINGAU, 2011, hosts SAGA V that accommodates 12 950 doers from 25 respective districts who are under 21, unless the games request differently, and are the native people here.

Checking on the latest SCORE BOARD, KENINGAU DISTRICT runs first which holds 3 Gold Medals, is followed by Tawau, and Kota Kinabalu has become the third ranking. Well done Keningau. yay!!

There are more days coming by....and I, as the son of Keningau, hope for my district keeps leading. I also hope that other districts keep sporting-span in this SABAH GAMES V.......I am very sad because I could not watch the hockey games where the HOQUETees play on the synthetic carpeted floor. "(

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