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Gorgeous Ramblings: MY RIDE TO <b>TENOM</b>

Posted: 03 Jun 2011 06:03 PM PDT

Hello there! 

What a longgg holiday I have here! The last time I took more a week leave was during the Chinese New Year. Anyway, this holiday was even better than my previous holiday.

It was simple family break but spending a quality time with your family longer than it used to be, I said it was GREAT!

When I posted in my Facebook status about my 'departing'…some friends thought that I was flying to KL or somewhere out from Sabah. Anyway, it wasn't 'flying without wings' holidaying…but it was the journey on train to TENOM!

Yup, I went to TENOM. Have you been there?

…by the way, when I told some of my friends about my plans to visit Tenom, one of them was stupidly asked me this…


This person I knew recently loves to travel out from Sabah, therefore, this person kind of 'acting' with the traveling experienced kunun…so cuti-cuti Sabah tak main lah! So, I assumed this person still is 'buta info' about Tenom. Dia pikir Tenom is just a kosong town and nothing is interesting about it. Haha! 

To Sis Just and Wendy, astagaa geng, mimang adventure bah my holiday! Siokkk!

Let's jump with my early adventure to Tenom…

Our journey started at 6.30am. Awal! Why? Because we need to catch the first train that departing Putatan Station at 8am. My kids were happy about this trip so everybody be able to wake-up at 5.30 am! Hehe…

By the time we reached the Putatan Train Station, the ticketing told us that they don't selling ticket to Tenom. The available ticket is up to Beaufort only. ARGH! I almost fainted to hear that….marah pun ada!

We understood that the train from Beaufort to Tenom will be only running 3 times a week. So they are not sure whether there is a train leaving Beaufort to Tenom on that day. Why is that so? Just follow my story and I will tell you why…

To avoid disappointment and believe that God is always with us, hubby asked the contact number at the Beaufort station. The officer in charge in Beaufort told us that he would sms to us if there is a train leaving to the COFFEE TOWN.

Amigos! before the ticket counter closed at 7.30am, hubby received sms that the last train leaving to Tenom from Beaufort will be at 1.30pm!

Waiting for the train to arrive from Tanjung Aru Stations.

Nah, bili ticket trus…and my kiddos smilingggggggg happily! Oh well, same goes to Mommy tu lah bah hehe!


Okie readers, it was Monday the 30th May…so the train was full! So, here how the train looks like…

Ha! We were standing up throughout the journey

We reached Beaufort after 2 hours ride. It was 10.15am. Hubby went to the counter to see what time the ticket is open for sale. They told us around 12 noon. You see, there is a schedule to sell the ticket. So if you wanted to have a train ride, do your survey first. Kalau tidak jadi macam Mr. Bean ekekeke! 

We have plenty time to visit Beaufort but we just paid a visit to Gmart Supermarket to…chilling ourselves with the air-conditioning in the supermarket! Haha…mengambil kesempatan tul!

Less than I hours, we decided to feed ourselves and enjoying the ice Coco Cola! Ngam-ngam time lunch juga. So, we chose to try one of the nearby food outlets nearby the station. Known as Little Town Café, it was packed with customers on that day. 

Full house!

Hubi told me this café this belongs to his friend and he managed to little chit chat the towkey of the café. 

By 12 noon, we returned to the Beaufort Station. Unfortunately, the counter is yet to open! Aikkk…so I immediately asked the young security guard about the exact time the counter open. Nah! Kalau ko jenis panas baran…memang sepanas weather on that day. The counter is only open at 1pm!! Dangggg!

Tolerant. I told me hubby to wait patiently. So he went for sigup-sigup/ smoking outside the station. While me took some pictures... 

The waiting hall.

That was the train to Tenom.

At that time, I saw many passengers went into the old train. I was so curious and again asked the young security guard about the train destination. He politely said 'pigi Tenom'. Wow! I told my hubby that we can go into the train while waiting for the ticket to be selling. He agreed to allow me and our kids to find a seat first while he will purchase the ticket. Oh ya, forgot to tell here; free sitting in the train ya. So, everyone can the best seat in the train if you come early. Nah! My kids managed to find nice seats for us. Durang terikut budak-budak kampong di sana berlarian cari tempat duduk. Hehehe.. .
So, hubby got the ticket and started again with photo shooting.

Posing with my kids before the train departing.

Inside the train. Not so comfortable seat and no air-conditioning and the wheel train was very noisy too...aging bah!

 Right from the 'chosen' seat.

I had a chat with one Aunt during the ride and she told me that there was one time a teenager boy whose leg trapped between the above step while the train on wheel.

15 minutes before departing...I mean waiting for train operators/ locomotive driver...

Nah! here comes the train operator with the engine.(Locomotive drivers)

A quick posed before the train 'tut tut!'...notice with the smoke from the chimney. 

The train was officially began 'her ride' at 1.30pm.

I am telling you…the ride with old train was very tiring because it takes 4 hours to reach the destination BUT it gives you a promising and amazing view along the railway…!

Next post for that part…

p/s Please bear in mind that you have mentally and physically ready for the ride, don't be shy to ask question, and utilize your mother tongue (like me with my 'tunggang tabalik beruti Dusun hehe'). Finally, jangan lah bah berlagak sombong or pandang rendah sama local people di sana. We need to communicate with them so that we can get some useful info. Anyway, thank you for my personality, I'm okay to be friend with anyone and same goes with my hubby.

I am so blessed to have flexible and understanding hubby. He can get along with orang-orang kampong di sana even thou he is not Sabahan. Yay! *show off*
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